Home of The Sleepers by David Greaves

For some it is the job; for others it is life.
Latest episodes are available below or go to the blog page for all chapters.

Thank you for visiting SleepFree Inc. I’ll be reading a new chapter each week. Special thanks to Greg Daly for the intro/outro music and Jakob Bell for the SleepFree graphic used for the podcast (see below).

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Check out my interview with Annette and learn more about the book and the motivation:

Annette on Life, Liberty and Happiness – YOUTUBE

New to The Sleepers? In the near future, a technology is created by SleepFree Inc. that allows one person (the sleeper) to sleep for another person (the client), transmitting sleep chemical, dreams, and REM patterns. SleepFree establishes a new peace and order, sedating half of America with stable, mind-numbing jobs. While the world happily sleeps, one sleeper dreams of more.

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“In fact, were it given to our human eye to see into the consciences of others, we would judge a man much more surely from what he dreams than from what he thinks.” -Victor Hugo

But what if he does not dream?

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