Reading 27: Ch 46 – Family Ties, Ch 47 – Recruitment

When the average number of child births in a country continues to fall, distant cousins can become meaningful relationships.  This was part of the premise of how I first wrote this chapter.   Then I considered whether borrowed sleep would encourage you to have more children, whether as a client or a sleeper.  I pessimistically wrote that with more hours, you may want to really focus on the one child as a client.  And by the time this future comes, perhaps more stringent population controls would be in place.  For sleepers, I figure it would be even more discouraging having more children, only because there might be so little time between multiple jobs (though you could put them on the market at 8 to bring in extra income).  So I imagined a world where the birth rate continued to crash.  That philosophical chapter was mostly deleted, but the key premise drives the root of what remains.  Enjoy.

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