Reading 8: Ch 14 – Connections, Ch 15 – The Skipping Rock, Ch 16 – Fortune Cookies

Chapter 14 was written second to last. After my best friend since 5th grade read the book, he wanted a real end to Karl, something to close out the story. I’m so grateful for his feedback as it forced me to face Karl’s end…and I loved it. The next few chapters describe the reality of finding the right love interest. Nothing goes as planned, though one tends to get closer and closer to what makes sense. Samantha joins us in Chapter 16. For many readers, she is the true favorite in the story because she is so interesting…or because this is when the story changes. It is less introspective (and less from a young John’s perspective in retrospective) and more about human dialogue, interactions, and driving to John’s ultimate purpose to find the Cumulus drug.

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